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Can I use my own photos or images on a radwrap?
You can! Any picture you have thats of a reasonable size can be used to create a radwrap. Our design tool allows you
to crop and scale your image to fit perfectly to the size of your radiator.
What size should my image be?
Images are measured in 2 ways when it comes to printing, the important one is DPI (Dots per inch). We
recommend you use images that are at least 200dpi. Also your image dimensions should exceed 800 x 600 pixels.
What sizes are radwraps available in?
We can supply radwraps in almost any size. Up to 2m high and as long as you need.
Will I lose heat output using a radwrap?
Radwraps use an innovative patent pending design that allows heat to travel through the wrap without losing any
energy. They are more efficient than traditional wooden radiator covers.
Are radwraps easy to install?
Once you receive your radwrap, you can have it installed within 1 minute. You dont need any special tools, just
unpack and wrap...
I would like to sell radwraps in my shop - what can I do?
We welcome all trade enquiries and will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.
Please use our contact form to get in touch
How long do radwraps last for?
In short - as long as your radiator, your more likely to decorate your room again before it starts to fade or degrade.
What radiators will radwraps work on?
Radwraps are not compatible with the following types of radiators: Aluminium Radiators, None Metal Radiators or
radiators with a low front surface area.

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