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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use my own photos or images on a radwrap?

You can! Any picture with a reasonable size can be used, our design tool allows you to scale your image to fit perfectly to the size of your radiator. Screenshots are not suitable!

What size should my image be?

We recommend using images that are at least 200dpi (Dots per Inch) and are larger than 2-3 megabytes.

My image doesn’t fit the whole radiator cover, what can I do?

Some images may not fit the radiator cover because the image’s aspect ratio does not match the radiator’s. This can occur when a horizontal image is used for a vertical radwrap or vice versa. You can get in touch with us via for assistance!

How do I measure my radiator?

You will need to measure only the front surface of the radiator from left to right, top to bottom. Some older radiator models may need measuring differently, if you are unsure how to do this, send us a photo of your radiator and we’ll help. Protruding bands on the edge of the radiator (less than an inch wide usually) should not be included in the measurements.

What sizes are the radwraps available in?

We supply radwraps in almost any size!

How long is your production time?

Production time varies depending on the type of radiator cover and its design. Printed or large covers can take anything between 10-21 days, fabric covers are usually dispatched within 7 days. Nursery Radiator Covers and Mirrored Covers also generally require 10-21 days as they go through a lot more procedures than our standard covers.

Will I lose heat output using a radwrap?

Radwraps use an innovative patent pending design that allows heat to travel through the wrap without losing any energy. They are more efficient than traditional wooden radiator covers. See more on how radiators work in our blog.

Are the radwraps easy to install?

Very! All you need is to flatten the radwrap nicely for a couple seconds then attach it to your radiator! No tools or adhesive required.

Why does my radwrap not stick to my radiator?

Radiators that have been painted might not be magnetic anymore but we can provide a solution for this, all you need to do is get in touch!

My Crushed Velvet radwrap looks darker than on the photos!

This can occur if the cover is placed upside-down. Replace your radwrap, if the issue persists, it’s likely occuring because there is not enough natural light in the area.

I would like to sell radwraps in my shop, how can I do that?

We welcome all trade enquiries and will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in more details. Please use our contact form to get in touch.

How long do the radwraps last for?

Lifetime of the radwrap depends on the design (printed, fabric, nursery, mirrored, etc.) but in short: as long as your radiator. You are more likely to decorate your room again before it starts to fade or degrade.

What radiators will the radwrap work on?

The radwraps are compatible with most modern radiators that are magnetic. The exceptions are: towel radiators, steam radiators, some storage heaters or just any radiator that doesn’t have a flat enough surface. You can send us a photo of your radiator to and our team will let you know if it’s compatible with our product!

How do I return my radwrap?

Please get in touch with our team and explain them why you would like to return your radwrap. The radwrap needs to be returned in its original packaging or a card tube and must not have any damages to it. Please note, depending on the circumstances, you may need to cover all posting expenses.

Can I order to outside the UK?

You can, we currently charge £25.00 for international deliveries. Please note, since the UK is no longer part of the European Union, there is a high chance you will be charged for Customs declarations. Delivery can vary from 1 week up to 4 weeks depending on destination.

How can I check if the photo I would like to print is good quality?

We always check every printed cover order and let our customers know if we find their image low-quality. You can also email us the design and your radiator measurements so our team can check the quality for you.

Do you have a payment plan?

We are happy to announce we have partnered with Klarna! You can select their plans during checkout where you’ll have the options to pay in full at a later date or in separate instalments.


We hope we’ve got most of your questions covered above but feel free to contact us if you still have anything to ask!