Ruby Red Crushed Velvet Magnetic Radiator Cover (1000mm x 600mm) – Radwrap


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Add some luxurious view to your home décor with our Specially Formulated Magnetic Radiator Cover, made of lightweight crushed velvet fabric.

Tired of your bland, white radiator ruining the sight of your amazing home?
Try Radwraps: fitted in seconds, feels soft and wonderful to touch.

No glues, No screws, No mess!


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For bespoke prices, put your radiator sizes (in millimetres) into the following link to receive your unique quote:

Easily trimmed down with scissors to your size of radiator, measure from Left to Right and Top to Bottom of the front surface, nice tight fit (offcuts will not be sent).

Note: the radwrap is designed the cover the surface of the radiator ONLY!

Experts at John Moore Liverpool University have proven that unlike traditional wooden covers, the radwraps don’t block emitted heat from radiators!
Click here to read the full investigation.

For any further enquiries, contact us via email or phone

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(images show different sizes of the product)

FREE Delivery in UK Mainland

Size: 1000 x 600mm / 39.3″ x 23.6″ inches

Delivery time: 7-10 days

Weight: 3-4kg 

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