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Radiator covers are essential in environments like nurseries, schools or even nursing homes where safety is paramount.

But traditional wooden covers, while intended to protect, often reduce efficiency and increase bills!

In recent years, we’ve realised how unstable energy prices can become, making it crucial to prioritise energy efficiency. While wooden radiator covers can be stylish and used as storage, they are primarily used for protection in institutions which can inadvertently lead to heat loss. As a result, users end up using more energy than needed.

To tackle this and to help reduce energy waste, we collaborated with scientists and experts at Liverpool John Moores University and the NHS to develop a radiator cover that can help institutions reduce their bills without compromising the safety of vulnerable people!


Our Nursery Radiator Covers in a Nutshell:

  • Lowers Surface Temperature

  • No Heat Loss

  • Safety Padded

  • Antibacterial Surface

  • Applies Magnetically

  • Customisable

Crafted from innovative safety padded materials, these covers can lower the surface temperature under 43 °C (the Health and Safety Executive’s recommended limit) ensuring they are safe to touch or lean against and also offers cushioning to protect against bumps and knocks. Since our products don’t cover the top and bottom of the radiator, it will continue distributing and circulating hot air it in the room via convection. This ensures that rooms can remain comfortably heated without the need for excessive energy consumption.

Furthermore, our Nursery Radiator Covers feature an antibacterial surface, providing ongoing protection against harmful germs and bacteria for the lifetime of the product. With easy magnetic installation and a high level of customisability, including the option to print custom designs or select from a range of pre-designed images, our covers offer a convenient and visually appealing alternative to traditional radiator covers!


The Truth about Wooden Radiator Covers:


Wooden radiator covers, often chosen for their decorative appeal, ironically hinder energy efficiency.

A study by John Moores Liverpool University revealed a 40% reduction in heat output with traditional covers.

Modern radiators rely on continuous airflow for efficient heat circulation. Wooden covers can obstruct this airflow, trapping warm air inside the cabinet and circulating it inside the wooden box rather than the room. This can get worse if the radiator has a built-in thermostat or smart valve which can cause the radiator to switch off prematurely, leading to cold rooms and higher energy usage.

You can read more on how wooden radiator covers affect room temperature in our blog.



While traditional radiator covers may offer some protection, they significantly hinder energy efficiency and contribute to higher heating bills. Opting for uncovered radiators allows for better heat circulation and lower energy costs, but it also poses safety issues in institutions. By combining safety, efficiency, and customisation, our Nursery Radiator Covers are an ideal choice for schools, nurseries and nursing homes in seeking to create a safe, comfortable, and hygienic environment for all occupants.


How to Order:

You can order here by inserting your radiator’s front surface measurements (millimetres only) then select a design from our gallery or upload your very own. Our covers start from £39.99 with free delivery but every size has its own price. We recommend finding out the price by adding your measurements here or by getting in touch with us for a quote.

We can also send a small sample for free if you’d like to test our product first!

Some radiators may need measuring differently, we recommend sending us a photo of yours if you are unsure. For general measuring guidance, see the image below.

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