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Picture this: you’ve just finished renovating your room. The furniture is perfectly arranged, the new wallpaper is stunning, but there’s one problem – a plain white radiator that sticks out like a sore thumb.

We know that feel. That’s why we created RadiMatch – a DIY radiator cover that lets you seamlessly blend the radiator with your wall, ensuring your space looks as perfect as you imagined.


What is RadiMatch?

RadiMatch is a revolutionary magnetic radiator cover that comes with a self-adhesive surface, allowing you to effortlessly attach your own wallpaper to it.

  • Customisable: with RadiMatch, you have the freedom to use any wallpaper to match your radiator cover with your walls perfectly.
  • Energy Efficiency: unlike traditional wooden radiator covers that obstruct airflow, RadiMatch allows for uninterrupted heat circulation, ensuring optimal energy efficiency.
  • Easy Installation: comes with simple DIY instructions, making installation a breeze. In just a few easy steps, you can transform your radiator into a seamless part of your room’s design.

How to Install the RadiMatch

Thanks to its user-friendly design, installing RadiMatch is a simple and straightforward process:

  1. Preparation: Gather your tools and materials, including a spray bottle with water, a dry wallpaper brush, scissors or a craft knife, dry cloth, and your chosen wallpaper.
  2. Match: Align your wallpaper with the RadiMatch, ensuring a slight overlap for trimming.
  3. Apply: Peel off the RadiMatch’s adhesive backing and dampen the wallpaper with water before attaching it to the surface. Use a dry wallpaper brush to remove any bubbles and ensure proper adhesion.
  4. Dry: Allow the cover to dry for approximately 2 hours.
  5. Trim: Carefully trim any excess wallpaper or lining paper, taking care not to damage the edges of the RadiMatch.
  6. Place: Attach the RadiMatch to your radiator.


Why not just use a wooden cover or paint the radiator?

While wooden radiator covers may seem like an attractive option for adding style to your space, they often come with significant drawbacks. Studies have shown that traditional wooden covers can reduce heat output by up to 40%, leading to higher energy bills as they can block the airflow of hot air, resulting in uneven heating and potential damage to your heating system over time.

Painting radiators on the other hand may seem like a more cost-effective solution but it can also have negative consequences. Multiple layers of paint can impede heat transfer, reducing the radiator’s effectiveness and increasing energy consumption. Moreover, DIY painting tutorials online (particularly on social media) can be misleading as they are are designed to look simple whereas they often result in subpar outcomes which could damage your radiator’s performance, further increasing energy bills.


How to Order:

You can order here by inserting your radiator’s front surface measurements (millimetres only). We have a maximum height of 610mm allowed for this product. If you need a bigger cover, please get in touch. Prices start from £39.99, with free delivery included. We recommend finding out the price by adding your measurements here or by getting in touch with us for a quote.

We can also send a small sample for free if you’d like to test our product first!

Some radiators may need measuring differently, we recommend sending us a photo of yours if you are unsure. For general measuring guidance, see the image below.

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